Friday, November 9, 2007

"Old Floyd" Courthouse

Isn't this a great picture! It came out in the Madison Journal. Geneva Rountree Williams, a lady who volunteers and helped to set up the Hermione museum, sent it to Sally Jo Gibson, and she sent it to me. I know that many people must have pictures just like this one that would benefit everyone. I would love to put them on my blog, so be sure and post a way for me to contact you.
I have been taking a college class called Computers in History. It's a genealogy class teaching us how to use the computer in our genealogical work. This blog was created because of the class. I've been learning about wikis, mailing lists, social networking sites, websites, etc. I'm learning so much and making contact with so many people that it's almost overwhelming, but I love it. The more contacts you make, the more information you'll find.


brittoo said...

Sorry I couldn't find those peoples. I think they were in 1850.


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anuj said...
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Anonymous said...

The photo of the courthouse and jail was put in the Oak Grove Gazette by W. A. (Gus) Thompson Jr. He states that it was taken about 1910 and shows Tom Hooper and his sister. The courthouse burned after the parish seat was moved to Oak Grove, and the jail was demolished in 1959.

Who are these people?

Sally Jo Gibson sent me this picture of the "Old Floyd" Courthouse, but didn't know who the people were. If anyone knows who they are, please let the rest of us know. Just post a reply.

Old Floyd Courthouse

Old Floyd Courthouse

Buildings in Old Floyd

Buildings in Old Floyd