Sunday, October 7, 2007

William Clarke Quantrill

The man standing to the left in the picture with the four gentlemen is my Great Grandfather's brother, James S. Millikin. I learned from a Louisiana history book that he rode with Quantrill's bushwhackers and was present at the burning of Lawrence, Kansas. That was hard for me to believe as he was very young at the time. But, for my Hist 220 class I've been reading a book about Quantrill and his exploits and apparently it was common for him to recruit young teenage boys. Most of Quantrill's raids occurred in Missouri and Kansas, but apparently he ventured into Louisiana at some time for the purpose of recruiting. James S. Millikin also slept between the James boys at times. I chose to read about Quantrill because I wanted to know why he committed the atrocities he was famous for.
It seems he was a young man with big dreams and plans gone awry. Feeling like a failure, he got in with the wrong crowd and eventually took up their ways becoming their leader. This is such a familiar story even in our day. From other histories I've read, West Carroll Parish was a favorite place for Frank and Jesse James to lay low for awhile.


MBT said...

Wow-Terry! You have really been working and learning a lot. Your blog looks wonderful and it is fun to see your pictures and history.
Mary Beth

R. Brooks said...

You're related to one of Quantrill's raiders? That must have been really disturbing to discover. Some people don't view them as harshly as others because they just think of them as Civil War soldiers who did what all soldiers did. It's still a controversial topic to this day.

Barbara Mitchum said...

Charlotte is my gggGrandma. Laura her daughter is my ggGrandma. My gGrandpa worked as a overseer for the Millikins. That is how I knew Margaret & Charlotte were sisters but did not know about the rest of the family. So glad to find your post.

Who are these people?

Sally Jo Gibson sent me this picture of the "Old Floyd" Courthouse, but didn't know who the people were. If anyone knows who they are, please let the rest of us know. Just post a reply.

Old Floyd Courthouse

Old Floyd Courthouse

Buildings in Old Floyd

Buildings in Old Floyd